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The Naveh Program for Haredi Men

Designed to meet the specific requirements of the Haredi community, JCT's degree programs provide Haredi men with the opportunity to pursue an academic degree in combination with in-depth Torah study. The College offers ongoing academic support and prepares Haredi students for the challenges of integrating into a professional  work environment. These valuable skills and tools enable Haredim to successful enter the workforce and become equally contributing members of society.

Over the years, JCT gained the trust and quiet approval of leading Haredi Rabbis and community leaders who understand the necessity of empowering their followers to become providers for their families. In the past decade alone, the number of Haredi students at JCT has increased six-fold and programs continue to emerge and develop. These leading programs are successfully empowering Haredim to become active participants in Israel’s booming high-tech industry and contributors to the economy.

Haredi Women

Traditionally Haredi women were expected to pursue specific career paths such as teaching that have limited earning potential. Often the main bread winners of their families, many Haredi women are eager to explore new career paths to increase their income. JCT’s academic programs are successfully providing these women access to high earning career opportunities that were never previously available. There are currently over 1000 Haredi women enrolled at JCT and these numbers continue to grow.

Impacting Social Change

  • Providing Haredim with the necessary tools and skills to work as equals in Israel’s
    competitive workforce and become contributors to the economy
  • Reducing dependence on government and social support
  • Breaking down social barriers and stigmas between sectors

Mechina (pre- academic) Preparatory Program

Lacking basic STEM education required for entry into academia, the majority of Haredi students participate in JCT’s intensive pre-academic preparatory program. The program offers  students the opportunity to fast-track their education and become college-ready after a year of intensive study. JCT provides counselling, extensive tutoring as well as reinforcement courses in English and math to ensure each student receives the academic and emotional support they need to succeed. The College also offers psycho-didactic evaluations to students suffering from undiagnosed learning disabilities. We believe that proper diagnosis significantly impacts their chances for success.