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Schreiber LevTech Entrepreneurship Center

The program gave us an in-depth understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur. I learned practical tools and received professional guidance about how to establish venture. It also exposed us to people and connections in the start-up community in Israel and around the world.

- Sari Tayar, Industrial Engineering and Management

Launched in October 2017, JCT’s Schreiber LevTech Entrepreneurship Center offers a range of programs for students to get their feet wet and gain valuable experience in the real world of entrepreneurship on campus.  Through Schreiber LevTech, students are given the resources and opportunities to create products, hone their skills and ability to think innovatively.  Students work under the professional guidance of professional business and tech mentors.  They build teams and create products through Schreiber LevTech LAB, a pre-accelerator program, exposure and opportunity to create tech solutions for challenges presented by companies and social service organizations in campus Hackathons (technology marathons), and Schreiber LevTech Talks encouraging creative thinking in the business and high-tech spheres.

Schreiber LevTech LAB Pre-Accelerator

Schreiber LevTech gave me tools and taught me important concepts that I would never have learned in any other place during my studies.

- Shalom Rochman, Software Engineering

The LAB Pre-Accelerator partners with industry to bring industry to campus.  Student entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to develop a product or venture and when products are ready to be marketed, JCT connects students to a wide network of investors. The program meets once a week for three hours over the course of one semester.  One of last year’s participating startup teams was FlyTech, a company that integrates aerial tools for unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft systems (drones) for the civilian market.

Course topics include:

  • Understanding the lifecycle of innovation from ideation to product development
  • Market research
  • Marketing strategies
  • Product differentiation
  • Understanding profit models
  • How to choose partners and build teams
  • Networking and fundraising
  • Targeting and presenting to investors
  • Legal issues, regulations and financial management
  • How to develop an elevator pitch and professional presentation skills

JCT Hackathons

Hackathons “technology marathons”, take place within an intensive, short period of time (typically 48-hours), provide a platform for students to design and develop prototypes of products to solve the problems presented by industry and organizations. Approximately 100 students compete in each hackathon, which also teach creative thinking and provide exposure to multi-national companies, start-ups and VCs. Such exposure is particularly important for the orthodox and ultra-orthodox community, who typically lack contacts in these spheres. Increasingly, industry looks to hackathons to identify potential future employees. The goal of a hackathon is to create a potentially marketable software or hardware product by the end of the event.
During campus hackathons, students from engineering, business, and accounting programs join forces to create technology products and provide solutions to challenges presented by children’s hospitals, tech firms, retail and commercial sites, organizations working on technology for people with disabilities, and more. Students practice working in interdisciplinary teams, improve upon or learn technology skills, and gain confidence developing products for the non-profit sector and the high-tech industry. Three hackathons have been held through the program since its inception less than two years ago. Among these was JCT's first women's hackathon, in which participants, some of whom were nursing mothers with their babies in hand, developed products such as:

  • An electronic bracelet to help paramedics with triage in mass-casualty incidents
  • An “escape room” (a series of rooms with high-level games and riddles that need to be solved in order to “escape") for the blind and the sighted together
  • A product that uses machine learning and image processing to aid in homeland security

Schreiber LevTech Talks

Attended by students from across the College’s departments, Schreiber LevTech Talks provide insight into the world of innovation in Israel.  Mentors and role models from industry discuss the challenges they face, showing the students that even the most successful face obstacles on their way to success. We place emphasis on providing female mentors and lecturers for our women's program. We feel strongly that having the example of women such as themselves serving in these roles demonstrates and encourages them what they can achieve.These engaging lectures are given by leading professionals in the business and tech fields by figures such as Nir Barkat, Jerusalem’s former Mayor and entrepreneur in his own right;  David Leichner VP of Marketing at SQream Technologies and former VP of Cynet and Gilat Satellite Networks; Bob Rosenchein, CEO and founder of and Curiyo; and Col. (Res.) Yossi Golan a VP of the Intelligence Unit at Elbit, an aerospace and Defense Company.

Employers of JCT Students