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Research and Development at the Jerusalem College of Technology

Since JCT’s establishment 50 years ago, research has been an integral component of the College’s credo. Today, JCT is at the forefront of research and innovation both in Israel and abroad, and boasts state-of-the-art research laboratories. Committed to understanding and solving the challenges that face Israel and the world today, JCT’s outstanding research scholars are at the cutting edge of science and technology.  The College’s faculty members are active participants in national and international conferences, and make ongoing contributions to research publications, books, and professional journals. 

JCT promotes interdisciplinary applied research involving all faculties and departments: Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Life and Health Sciences, Bioinformatics, Information Technology and Business Management, and Mathematics. The College’s active “internal grant” program enables faculty members to receive seed funding to advance their research projects. Outstanding faculty members have received competitive grant awards from external foundations such as the Israel Science Foundation and the Israel Innovation Authority, and have been granted many US and Israeli patents. 


To maximize success in research and innovation for JCT faculty, students, and staff, as well as to comply with all required standards of research administration

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For more information about research programs at JCT, please contact ssamet@jct.ac.il