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Research and Development at the Jerusalem College of Technology

Since JCT’s establishment 50 years ago, research has been an integral component of the College’s credo.  Today JCT is at the forefront of research and innovation both in Israel and abroad and boasts state-of-the art research laboratories.  Committed to understanding and solving the challenges that face Israel and the world today, JCT’s outstanding research scholars are at the cutting edge of advancing science and technology.  The College’s Faculty members are active participants of national and international conferences and make ongoing contributions to various research publications, conferences, books and professional journals.  

JCT promotes interdisciplinary and applied research between all faculties- Engineering, Computer Science, Life and Health Sciences, Management and the Mathematics Department.  The College’s active “internal grant” program enables faculty members to receive seed funding to advance their research projects. Outstanding faculty members have received competitive grant awards from external foundations such as the Israel Science Foundation and the Israel Innovation Authority and many have developed original patents.  Advanced research and development at JCT has led to major advances in fields ranging from cyber security to medical technology and driving safety.  JCT alumni and faculty have spearheaded projects critically important to Israel's national security and have received prestigious awards from the IDF Chief of Staff and the Ministry of Defense.  

The Faculties of Engineering and Computer Science conduct leading research dedicated to solving medical challenges.  Areas of research include improving the measurement of blood pressure and oxygen saturation, developing advanced image processing for medical images, advancing tools to diagnose various medical disorders, as well as medically-oriented data mining, language processing and analysis.  There are currently four labs dedicated to research in these areas and have numerous faculty members and students actively working on various projects. JCT also operates an active laser laboratory and facilitates research related to micro- and nano-photonics.

The Faculty of Management conducts research related to behavioral economics, cross-sectorial employment trends in the workplace and the effects of globalization.  

The Faculty of Life and Health Sciences operates ongoing research across a wide range of health-related issues.  Topics include post-partum depression, the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on fertility, coping with chronic illness, ethical issues related to life cycle, developing tools to measure patient mobility, the importance of social support in the healing process and informal caregiving for dependent elderly, among others.  The department also conducts research in the field of medical anthropology, with a focus on the experience of people with disabilities. 

The Mathematics Department facilitates research in pure and applied mathematics.  Specializing in mathematical physics, JCT’s leading experts have made high level contributions to the fields of General Relativity, theoretical physics, the elasticity theory, modern algebra, Combinatorics, computer science, and applied mathematics. The department also conducts research related to mathematics in modern education.  

JCT’s Research Authority engages in the following activities:

  • Determining research potential and identifying suitable funding sources.

  • Assisting faculty members in finding possible partnerships within JCT.

  • Encouraging faculty members to submit new proposals to external funding sources.  

  • Encouraging faculty members to involve JCT students in their research projects, within the framework of final projects and the Student Excellence Program.

  • Strengthening the connection between the Engineering and Management departments at the College

  • Assisting in marketing feasible projects.

  • Reporting and distributing publication regarding the academic achievements of faculty members (annual publication lists).

We look forward to creating new possibilities for the future.