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Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the recent Canadian Friends of Jerusalem College of Technology (CFJCT) 50th anniversary gala dinner


that she praised Israeli ingenuity and resilience, and also applauded the college for embodying the values that make Israel the global power it is today.

 “What I love about The Jerusalem College of Technology is that they grow the whole person. They don’t just think about a career, they think about the person, they think about the family and they think about the country. They understand it’s about God first, then country, then family,” she said. “When you look at a college like The Jerusalem College of Technology you see it’s exactly what you need to do to advance women, the country, and family, but to never forget that faith and traditional values matter.”

It is precisely the combination of Start-up nation and family values that led to the historical signing of the Abraham Accords, she asserted. “I think back to what we saw happen with the Abraham Accords. When we saw those Arab countries come together, they didn’t come because they were doing Israel a favor. It wasn’t that Israel needed the Arab countries. It’s that the Arab countries needed Israel. And the reason they needed Israel is because Israel continues to focus on her people. Israel continues to focus on being independent. Israel continues to focus on being valuable.”

Ambassador Haley went on to note that Antisemitism must be flagged at every instance.

“We have to call out antisemitism every time we see it.” the Israel advocate and former South Carolina governor said. “It’s not okay. It will never be okay. We have to speak up every time we see it. We have to humiliate those that do it every time they do it. And we have to remind leaders to speak up.”

Her comments to the 500 attendees at the festive dinner hosted by the Canadian Friends of the Jerusalem College of Technology come amidst a national conversation in the United States around a rise in antisemitism.

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