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Schreiber LevTech hosted a successful alumni event for graduates of their accelerator programs.

April 2024

The event was attended by over 35 enthusiastic men and women and provided a vibrant platform for networking and idea exchange. Early-stage entrepreneurs were presented with a valuable opportunity by the Kivun Center: access to skilled programmers to propel their product development forward. Adi Shmurak, a renowned expert in idea validation and market fit, engaged attendees with an exceptional workshop, leaving them motivated and energized. The connections forged that evening continue to reverberate, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. This event, part of Schreiber LevTech’s Connect track, embodies the organization's commitment to cultivating a dynamic ecosystem where entrepreneurial ideas thrive through meaningful connections, collaborative support, and ongoing engagement, empowering alumni to innovate and excel in their ventures.

Participant feedback:

"I met someone who was interested in the startup I’m working on and may join  me as a partner, we already spent several hours in conversation after the event and he has so many ideas and encouragement for me, I’m feel so much more motivated now to keep pushing forward on the venture.”

"It was so good to meet other graduates of the program, and where they are in their entrepreneurial journeys.  I am finally at a place in my life where I am seriously considering starting my own venture, and needed the motivational push, as well as the practical knowledge and tools.  Having a group I can get advice and encouragement from is so meaningful."

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