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Leading researchers from Europe arrived in Israel at the end of last month to attend the Artificial Intelligence in Biology and Medicine conference, hosted by the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT).

March 14, 2023

The two-day-long conference was funded in part by the Ministry of Science and Technology and was a result of a collaborative project between JCT and the Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), Fontenay-aux-Roses in France in the framework of Israel-France “Maïmonide-Israel” research program.

Organizers decided to open the event to a broader research community since AI has been steadily finding its use in various studies in radiation biology and medicine. As a result, 25 researchers and R&D specialists from Israel, France, and Germany presented their findings and discussed their innovative work applying AI in biological and medical research.

Some of the studies presented included how diverse image processing and machine learning tools can yield an automatic diagnosis of medical and biological images. Additionally, another discussion touched on how artificial intelligence can be used in oral and maxillofacial imaging.

Camille Padet, Scientific Cooperation Officer at the French Embassy in Israel said, “Over the past few decades, France has participated in the funding of many research studies in Israel, including at JCT. The team of researchers at JCT is characterized by an innovative and creative worldview that, of course, manifests itself in the quality of the research carried out here. In light of this, I see great importance in the continuation of the establishment of research relations with this institution.”

“Artificial intelligence is one of the most fascinating topics in the science and hi-tech industries today,” noted Dr. Yehoshua Socol, organizer of the conference and a lecturer in the Department of Electronics at JCT. “Therefore, establishing international academic connections is critical. JCT has a lot to offer regarding both technology and, particularly, ethics. This conference strengthens our existing international collaborations in this realm and expands our network of connections while also providing us with an infrastructure to advance innovation.”

“JCT places great importance on collaborations between academia and research,” said Daniel Fogel, Vice President of JCT. “These networking opportunities are important to students and lecturers alike and encourage taking part in research activities and getting published in scientific journals. I thank Ms. Padet and the French Embassy for strengthening the ties between us.”

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