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Netanel Foxbrumer's Outstanding Contributions during the Swords of Iron War

April 16 2024

Netanel Foxbrumer, a senior lecturer in the Selma Jelinek School of Nursing at JCT, received an award from President Herzog for his work in the Swords of Iron War. Together with fellow faculty members, Foxbrumer co-founded the organization כל ישראל אחים ואחיות, to encourage volunteering among those in healthcare professions. In the tumultuous early days of the war, amidst widespread confusion and apprehension, chronically ill patients faced sudden disruptions in their medical care. Swiftly responding to this urgent need, the newly established organization mobilized volunteer healthcare workers, who diligently attended to patients in their homes, organized by geographical proximity and medical expertise. This initiative ensured patients continued to receive the critical healthcare they required, all thanks to the dedicated efforts of the organization's volunteers.

Furthermore, recognizing the immediate threat of medical emergencies throughout the country due to the war's impact, Netanel Foxbrumer spearheaded fundraising endeavors to purchase and distribute essential first-aid medical kits to emergency response workers across the country. Alongside this, Foxbrumer also conducted informational sessions on life-saving techniques, attended by hundreds of healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, paramedics, and medics.

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