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The project in the Jerusalem College of Technology's policy

The Jerusalem College of Technology decided to consolidate and strengthen the social involvement and active civic participation of students and faculty, and to promote the mutual support between the institution and the community. As an academic-religious institution, the Jerusalem College of Technology wishes to exercise the Jewish values ​​of justice, mercy, "Love your neighbor as yourself" and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). "On three things the world stands: Torah, work and charity" (Pirke Avot, FFA MB). We believe that it is our duty as an academic-religious institution not only to provide excellent higher education and religious studies, but also to fulfill our responsibility towards society and create an inherent connection between these elements.

The Department of Nursing, leading this flagship project, seeks to realize these values in its academic and practical activities. This project’s activism sharpens the social sensitivity of the nursing students, who play a significant part in this project, and exposes them to issues that are most relevant to their future work. We believe that they can serve as messengers in the future, spreading knowledge and sensitivity in relation to the rights of people with disabilities among health professionals as well as various health institutions in Jerusalem (hospitals, community clinics, etc.). It should be noted that the community engagement is in the area of ​​current research of several faculty members in the Department of Nursing. This allows for maximum utilization of academic resources, enabling high-quality training as well as in-depth and informed social volunteerism, with a broad, comparative and critical perspective.

This project is also paramount for the promotion of Haredi society in Israel. The academic education of the Haredi community, men and women, and their entrance into the workforce is one of the central challenges facing contemporary Israel. For 50 years, JCT’s religious environment and its focus on professional career development have attracted orthodox youth interested in studying for an academic degree. Now, the Haredi students are coming to JCT where they are being assisted in becoming contributing members of society as scientists and engineers, in high-tech and in business.

In addition, this flagship project enables Haredi students to contribute directly to their community in novel ways. This strengthens the connection between their socio-cultural world and the world of academic studies and employment that they have joined. Participation in the flagship project also provides them with valuable practical experience and strengthens their qualities and skills such as leadership, self-confidence, and motivation. For non-Haredi students, this program provides them with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Haredi society and strengthen solidarity among the various groups that make up the Jerusalem College of Technology.

The focus of the flagship project in the field of human rights of persons with disabilities also complements the institution's policy, which sets for itself the goal of absorbing and integrating people with disabilities as students, faculty, and staff at the institution and promoting innovative research in the field. We believe, therefore, that the project "Lev Bakehila" realizes the values, goals, and vision of the Jerusalem College of Technology.

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