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Short-term goals and planning

- Assistance to approximately 500 Haredim with disabilities in exercising their rights, providing knowledge about their rights and empowerment.

- Year-round extensive guidance for approximately 15 families/people with disabilities from the Haredi sector and increasing their options for living independently and comfortably.

- Initiating and implementing a community project with the participation of more than 50 people from the community.

- Working towards policy change, which can benefit a large group of Haredi people with disabilities in Jerusalem.

- Establishing and strengthening the "Rights Center" as a recognized and accepted service provider for the ultra-Orthodox community, in cooperation with organizations working in the field.

- Significant contribution to volunteering students: providing knowledge and relevant experience, creating commitment to social contribution, and strengthening civic responsibility.

- For many of the students, this is their first opportunity to meet a group in society, which they would otherwise not have been exposed to, and strengthening a sense of solidarity with "the Other".

- Raising awareness of people with disabilities (rights, integration, contribution etc.) among the Haredi community in Jerusalem, the public at large, the relevant municipal and national authorities, and all students and staff of JCT.

Long-term goals and planning

- Creating a stable, well-established, professional, effective framework for long-term activity, recognized and appreciated by the community, supported by all partners in the process, with consistent activity of students over several years, maintaining continuous operations even during the summer months.

- Expanding activists among the students and the community, creating a group of community volunteers, trained by the students, who will volunteer together with the students.

- Creating a framework for peer counseling - we conducted a preliminary survey that showed that although the need for this service is decreasing in the general population due to widespread access to information on the Internet, this service will be extremely beneficial to members of the Haredi community, especially with respect to mediation with service providers.

- Benefit to students - based on the findings of several studies, we expect that participation in the project will have a positive impact on academic achievement, leadership skills and self-confidence of the students, will raise their motivation to continue studying for advanced degrees, will enhance their chances to succeed in the workforce and enhance their sense of obligation to actively take action for social justice.

- Highlighting the links between Judaism and human rights.

- Increasing the discourse regarding human rights of persons with disabilities in Israeli society in general and in Haredi society in particular.

- Strengthening connections and mutual support between the Jerusalem College of Technology and the ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem.

- Promoting knowledge and research in the field of disabilities, specifically in relation to the Haredi community.


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