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Campus Tal

Established in 1990, Tal is Israel’s first women-only Engineering and Technology College. Tal’s high-level academics together with a comprehensive Jewish studies program, have earned the College a nation-wide reputation for excellence.  Tal provides women from across the spectrum of Israeli society with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the cutting-edge fields of science, business, high-tech and nursing.  Today the campus serves over 2,000 women studying in various undergraduate and graduate degree programs including Industrial Engineering, Computer Sciences, Bio-Informatics, Accounting, Business Management, and Nursing. 

Currently located in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem, Tal Campus occupies 5,100 sq. m of rented space.  In addition to classrooms, meeting rooms, a library, high-tech laboratories and simulation labs, Tal offers comfortable dormitories and special services for young mothers such as on-site daycare. 

The College’s growing number of female graduates are impacting the standards and stigmas of religious women in the workplace and are contributing to Israel’s economy. Female graduates have a job placement rate of about 90% and are sought after candidates in Israel’s rapidly expanding high-tech industry.  Many have attained top positions in leading firms and startups in industry such as Intel, Texas Instruments, Check Point and IBM, among others, and are involved in classified R & D projects for Israel’s defense industry.  Others choose to pursue academic careers and are teaching at some of Israel’s top colleges and universities.

Tal’s Nursing program is highly regarded as one of the top nursing programs in the country.  Students consistently attain the highest national averages on national board examinations and have a 100% pass rate.  Graduates are highly sought-after candidates for positions throughout Israel’s healthcare system.