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About Lustig

Located in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, the Lustig Campus was established in 1998 to meet the specific needs of Haredi women and has since gained wide recognition for excellence.  Lustig offers women the environment and conditions necessary to pursue an advanced academic degree while maintaining the values and lifestyle of their ultra-Orthodox upbringing.   As a result, the campus empowers women — many of whom are the sole breadwinners in their families — to significantly improve their economic standing, while providing them access to professions that were previously inaccessible to the Haredi sector. 

The campus offers academic degree programs in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration, Accounting and Information Systems as well as teaching certifications in Managerial Accounting and Computer Science.  Since its establishment, Lustig has awarded over 1,000 academic degrees.  Lustig’s dedicated staffers provide extended, ongoing assistance to help graduates find work in an environment suitable for Haredi women. The growing trend of employing Haredi women in hi-tech —  a field that enables them to earn a respectable living, often with the convenience of working remotely, and is considered to be “the profession of the future” — is evident on the Haredi campuses, where many Haredi women go to earn a degree in computer science. The most prominent and well-established Haredi-friendly campus which offers degrees in this field is the Jerusalem College of Technology - Lev Academic Center's Lustig Campus, which completely separates men and women.

Graduates have not only gone on to establish praiseworthy Jewish homes, they have also attained top managerial and development positions in industry, and have been awarded prizes for excellence both in Israel and abroad.  Equipped with a broad knowledge base along with practical skills and hands-on experience, 93% of Lustig graduates successfully integrate into Israel’s competitive job market in their field — one of the highest placement rates in the country. 



"I was looking for a place that combines academic and religious studies, and I chose to study computer science at Lustig. This field enables me to earn a respectable living and support my family. As a graduate of the campus, as well as a lecturer there, I see how the Haredi graduates of this institution are extremely sought after by employers."

Dr. Hadas Tschiler, a Haredi woman from Petach Tikvah, computer science lecturer at Lustig Campus and a Lustig graduate.