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BSc. Bioinformatics

What is bio-informatics and what do students learn during their degree?

Bio Informatics is a field that combines life sciences with computer science. This is a pioneering field at the forefront of research in life sciences, in the development of up-to-date research methods, and in the renewable possibilities of using computerized algorithms.

Since the breakthrough in the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule, scientists habe begun to accumulate more and more information on DNA sequences of humans and other organisms. This information is key to future developments in medicine, but there is a need to find new ways to observe it. It is the task of bioinformatics, which deals with the decoding of biological systems, to process the accumulated data from the rapidly evolving biological research and find applications in medicine and industry.

This is a unique study track for the Lev Academic Center, which focuses on advanced genome flooring methods, analyzing large data sets, the use of data mining tools, and in the computerized design of pharmaceuticals.

Why Study Bioinformatics?

Bio Informatics is a research field whose graduates are highly sought after in academia, industry and medical centers. Since this is a multidisciplinary program - combining computer science and life sciences, graduates of the program will be able to integrate into studies or work in a number of fields. The program is suitable for those who want to study chemistry or biology but wish to join the high-tech industry at the end of their bachelor's degree.

Since some of the program's courses are research-integrated projects conducted in cooperation with research groups in academia and industry. Many graduates go on to work at the very same places they conducted their research project with.

In addition, graduates of a bachelor's degree in bioinformatics at the Lev Academic Center, who specialize in pre-medical courses, will be able to continue for a second phase of medical studies - four years of study towards a medical degree. In this way, you will be able to study the first stage of medical studies in a suitable religious environment.

Course Details

The duration of studies is 3 years. The program is online and consists of basic courses in the sciences - mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. The specialization in Bioinformatics requires knowledge and control in modern computer programming, and therefore the program includes advanced computer science courses. In addition to all of these, the program includes specialized courses in the field of bioinformatics, molecular biology with an emphasis on advanced paving methods, analysis of learning systems, statistical models in bioinformatics and system biology, molecular modeling, logical design of drugs, specialization and control of computational software used in the pharmaceutical industry and in the industry in general.

Where are our graduates working now?

The graduates of the department are highly sought after in leading academic centers around the world: at the Weizmann Institute, the Hebrew University, Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv University, the United States and London, as well as working in genomic centers that are growing in hospitals and research groups.

As graduates of the Bioinformatic program you can integrate into a variety of positions, like computer programming jobs in the high-tech industry, companies and systems dealing with digital health, and drug development companies.

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