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M.S.C. Physics/Electro-optics

Why a graduate degree in electro-optics?

A master's degree in electro-optics engineering (in other words, applied physics) is designed to train skilled researchers and engineers who can engage in research and development in the fields of applied physics in general, and in electro-optics engineering in particular.

The program is intended for graduates who successfully completed their studies in engineering and exact sciences faculties in academic institutions recognized by the Council for Higher Education. The curriculum offers unique specialties required by advanced industry and the defense establishment.

What is the curriculum like?

All undergraduate students study basic courses in applied physics: advanced quantum theory, complex functions, mathematical methods in physics, optoelectronics and nonlinear optics, advanced statistical data processing and stochastic processes.

In addition to the basic courses, the curriculum offers 4 specialization clusters: biomedical optics engineering, electronics and signal processing, nanoscale microelectronics and optics and space observations.

What does this degree do for me?

At the end of his master's degree in applied physics and electro-optic engineering, he can take part in senior positions in the high-tech industry, the bio-medical industry, the defense establishment, higher education institutions and more.

The roles that degree graduates can work in are:

  • Optical Planner - Design of optical systems using a computer
  • Optics engineer - construction of optical systems, light sources and detectors
  • Development of software for processing data, image processing and signals
  • Development Manager - Responsible for developing algorithms or product
  • CTO - Chief Scientist in a company engaged in physical and engineering development
  • Researcher and lecturer - researcher and lecturer in the field of physics in institutions of higher education

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