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MSN Nursing at the Selma Jelinek School of Nursing

Why a graduate degree in nursing?

The goal of the degree is to empower the nurses, graduates of the bachelor's degree, to provide higher-level treatment and greater scope of work. The courses that are taught combine the clinical practice with the management of treatment and research, based on the principle of Evidence Based Practice.

In addition to the degree, a certificate of expertise is awarded to the finalists. A clinical expert is a nurse whose knowledge and skills enable intervention in all aspects related to direct care of the elderly, including diagnosis, treatment and counseling. The expert nurse works as part of a multi-disciplinary team in health settings that provide care for the elderly. The authority of the expert, which was determined by the regulations of the Ministry of Health, includes: independent management of medical treatment in routine situations, provision of primary care and referral to a medical entity in accordance with the recognized / authorized actions of a geriatric nursing specialist.

What is the curriculum like?

The four-semester theoretical program consists of core courses and specialty studies.

Core studies include both research and courses in: information theory, leadership, management, and treatment.

Specialization studies include courses in: policy, geriatric pharmacology, patients and specific problems in old age, patients and morbidity in the elderly, and clinical experience in a variety of departments that treat the elderly patient. At the end of the theoretical studies, the students specialize for an additional semester in clinical experience in a field of expertise.

Upon completion of the theoretical studies and the practical internship, the students are examined in written and oral examinations.

What does this degree do for me?

The program trains its graduates to integrate into senior positions in the health system in clinical practice, administration, teaching and research. At the end of the degree you will be able to work in a variety of positions including:

  • A clinical expert in geriatrics or supportive care.
  • Work as part of an advisory team for the entire hospital and its various departments.
  • General hospitals and geriatric hospitals.
  • Work in nursing units in geriatric hospitals: Comprehensive nursing - supportive, complex nursing, sub-acute, rehabilitation and respiration.

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