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B.A. Electro-Optics Engineering

What is electro-optics engineering?

Electrophysics studies are part of the Department of Applied Physics. Graduates of the track are entitled to a B.Sc. in physics or electro-optic engineering. In the second year of studies, students choose one of two specialization fields: optronics - with an emphasis on advanced topics in electro-optics or computers - with an emphasis on advanced topics in software engineering. The program includes a wide range of courses on various topics: classical and modern physics, optics, mathematics, computers and electronics. In the fourth year of studies, students conduct a final project, during which they experience research and development and face professional challenges that prepare them for life after the degree.

What exactly is this degree?

Welcome to the prestigious club of engineers. The degree in Electro-Optics combines a bachelor's degree in applied physics and an engineering degree in electro-optics and puts you in a respectable position in the Engineering Register.

Want to continue studying? The curriculum, which includes two different courses of specialization, optronics and computers, and joint core courses, allows you to continue your MA studies at the Center for Postgraduate Studies in universities in various fields, without the need for supplementary courses.

Ready to go to work? As a graduate of the degree of electro-optics, you can engage in research and development in a wide range of fields, for example; Imaging, micro-optics, medical equipment, optical and medical information processing, optical communications, photonic crystals and solar cells.

What will my schedule look like?

The duration of studies is 8 semesters. The courses combine compulsory courses that are common to both tracks: courses in mathematics and computers, physics and chemistry, electronics, general engineering and electro-optics.

Have you chosen to specialize in optronics? Starting in the second year you will take fascinating courses on medical imaging systems, solid state optics, electronic and optical communications, advanced optical design and signal analysis and processing.

If you prefer to specialize in computers, you can study discrete mathematics, data structure and programs A, data structure B, algorithm analysis and computer structure.

An additional variety of elective courses common to both tracks; Electromagnetic waves, Quantum B, Solid State B and a variety of additional courses from the required courses of each track. In short, it will be interesting.

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Where are our graduates working?

The graduates of the degree in electro-optics are integrated into the high-tech industry, the biomedical industry, the defense establishment and higher education institutions in a variety of desirable positions. among the rest; Optical designers, physical algorithm developers, development managers, CTO (Chief Scientist in a company engaged in physical and engineering development) or research. You can too.

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