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B.A. Accounting and Information Systems

What is Accounting and Information Systems?

The studies in the Accounting and Information Systems Department prepare the graduates to fulfill key positions in accounting, accounting, financial consulting, information systems auditing and various management positions.

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems provides students with the principles of accounting language - "the language of business".

During the course of the degree, a variety of areas of knowledge are required, both for the private sector and for the public sector, such as: financial reporting rules for companies, knowledge in auditing, economics, finance, law and taxes.

As part of the studies, an expanded emphasis is placed on the field of information systems, which is in increasing demand among employers today in the industrial world.

What is the curriculum like?

Accounting and Information Systems at the Lev Academic Center combine theory and practice and are adapted to the requirements of the Board of Certified Public Accountants. The course includes courses in financial accounting, auditing, law and taxation, economics and finance, and adds knowledge in general management, business ethics and information systems.

Special elective courses can be combined during the course of the course:

  • Academy for Employment - a practical experience program in the offices of accountants and financial institutions accompanied by academic guidance.
  • Investment Strategy - A course that provides extensive financial and applied knowledge in the field of investments.

What does this degree do for me?

In addition to the academic degree, the graduates also receive the "Specialist Systems Analyst" certificate from the Institute of Information Systems Analysts in Israel.

At the end of the degree, the graduates are offered a variety of doors and can join the industry in a variety of accounting, accounting, financial consulting, business consulting and more.

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