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Computer Science Program for Women

In October 2019, JCT is launching Israel’s first Computer Science Degree in English for women.  Similar to the International Programs in English for men, the women’s program will combine rigorous academic learning with a strong religious environment and Torah study.  The full-time, three-year academic program is fully recognized by Israel’s Council of Higher Education, and all credits will be transferable. Classes will be held four or five days a week in the mornings.  Tuition costs will be eligible for partial reimbursement for new immigrants (olim) to Israel.
JCT’s Computer Science Department offers students theoretical background, as well as practical experience in computers, providing them with familiarity in programming, the architecture of computer systems, and engineering software and communications. Alums of the program will be fully equipped to enter the workforce following graduation, having gained competitive skills and a full breadth of knowledge of the current high-tech ecosystem.
According to the Council of Higher Education, women account for 58% of students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in Israel, but just 29% of Israeli college students who study computer science. Yet at JCT, 53 percent of the institution’s computer-science students are women, and they account for 20% of female computer-science students in all of Israel.
Our new international program strives to empower religious women of all backgrounds- from Haredi, to Modern Orthodox, to everything in between—with the transformative gift of a high-quality academic degree that they can pursue while continuing to embrace a religious lifestyle".
~ Siona Margrett, coordinator for the new women’s computer science degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Computer Science degree of the Machon Tal International Program is the.. only full undergraduate program for women in Jerusalem completely in English. As a part of the broader Jerusalem College of Technology (CT), the program offers a Jewish religious level on campus coupled with a competitive educational standard, making it one of a kind.

The degree consists of 3 years of study. The Computer Science program is full-time and classes will likely take place 4 or 5 days per week in the mornings.

Tuition for the program is approximately $2,800 for Israeli citizens and $3,800 USD per year for tourists. Tuition is reimbursed for new Olim. Tuition does not include room and board and the beit medrash fee if applicable. A number of scholarships are distributed each year and details can only be determined after a student is accepted to the program.

There are dormitories close to campus which cost approximately $2,000 USD per year. After being accepted to the program students can apply through the housing department. Note that dormitory space is limited and students should apply early.

The registration process includes submitting your high school transcripts and a standardized test score (SAT, ACT, Til or an equivalent exam). The registration department reviews all scores and determines if an applicant will be accepted or if they will be required to retake a test or course before acceptance. Applicants can also be accepted on certain conditions including passing the first exams of the program or maintaining a certain average. For these reasons there is no specific minimum grade to be accepted.

As an institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education in Israel, JCT's credits are generally accepted worldwide and students from the program have seamlessly transferred to and from other institutions around the world. However, students should check with specific colleges as each has different requirements for transfer credits.

For more information you can visit our website at www.jct.ac.il/en and click on the International Program. You can also speak with the coordinator of the program, Siona Margrett by phone 058-692-4951 or email: Siona@jct.ac.il