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Curriculum Vitae
קורות חיים


·         Ph.D. - Chemistry, California Institute of Technology - 1976.
Doctoral Dissertation - "Enhancement of a Solid State Reaction by Proper Orientation Within a Crystal; Micellar effects on the Stereochemistry and Rate of Aqueous Solvolysis Reactions". (Supervisor: Prof. R.G. Bergman ).

·         B.Sc .  - Magna Cum Laude, Yeshiva University - 1972.

Professional & Educational Experience

Dean, Bar Ilan Faculty of Exact Sciences, 2011 - 2013.
Edward and Judy Steinberg Chair in Nanotechnology, 2006 - 2013.
Chairperson, Bar Ilan Department of Chemistry, 2005 - 2008.
Director, Minerva Center for Biomaterial Interfaces, 2000 - 2013.
Director, Bar Ilan Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, 1998 - 2005.
Professor of Chemistry, Bar Ilan University; 1995-present.
Adj. Prof. of Materials Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University; 1995-1998.
Visiting Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; 1992 - 1993.
Professor of Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University; 1991 - 1997.
Collateral Faculty, Ohio Aerospace Institute; 1990 - 1997.
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University; l984-1991.
Visiting Scientist, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rechovot, Israel; 1984-1985.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University; 1977-1984.
National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow (w/ Prof. O.L. Chapman); UCLA; 1976-1977.
Ph.D., Chemistry (w/ Prof. R.G. Bergman), California Institute of Technology; June, 1976.
B.A. Magna Cum Laude, Yeshiva University; June, 1972.

Main Research Areas

·         Self-assembled monolayer films.

·         Nanoscale organic and inorganic coatings.

·         Reaction mechanisms in organized media.

·         Biomaterials.

·         High performance polymers.

·         Composites and new materials.  



·         2010 - The Elias, Genevieve and Georgianna Atol Charitable Trust Fellow in Nano Medicine

·         1992 - 1993 - Fulbright Scholar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

·         1983 - 1988 - NIH-Research Career Development Awardee. 


Nanotechnology and Materials Science

Research in Sukenik’s lab focuses on understanding the chemistry of ordered organic assemblies with an emphasis on self-assembled monomolecular films. There are a number of important applications of this thin film chemistry to problems in biomaterial design, biosensors, and nanoscale devices. 

Sukenik and his group are exploring various approaches to the surface modification of implantable materials that are aimed at control of biocompatibility and implant integration. To this end, thin film monolayer assemblies provide a structurally well-defined means of changing surface properties of materials without altering their bulk properties. Both organic and inorganic thin films have been developed as tools for controlling the surfaces of both metals and polymers.