About JCT

לפרטים על תואר ראשון ושני

למידע נוסף על לימודים אקדמיים בלבד השאירו פרטיכם ונחזור בהקדם

About JCT - Lev Academic Center

The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Lev Academic Center is the second largest academic institution in Jerusalem. It is fully accredited by Israel’s Council of Higher Education and specializes in high-tech engineering, computer science, industrial management and health sciences combined with a Jewish studies program. JCT’s mission is to produce leaders who are strongly committed to Israel, to Jerusalem and to Jewish values.


Over its nearly 50 years of operation, JCT has contributed to Israel, in general, and Jerusalem, in particular, both by producing high quality engineering and management professionals and by enhancing employment opportunities. JCT graduates have established over 100 companies, including some of Jerusalem’s most successful start-ups. The Academic Center plays a leading role in developing Israel's economic infrastructure, in general, and that of Jerusalem in particular.


JCT alumni and faculty have spearheaded projects critically important to Israel's national security, receiving prestigious awards for excellence from the IDF Chief of Staff and Ministry of Defense.  R&D is a critical part of JCT and has led to major advances in fields ranging from cyber security to medical technology and driving safety.


JCT prides itself in offering a holistic experience to its students, by providing not only an academic degree but also by giving them tools and experiences that will remain with them for their entire life. The Jerusalem College of Technology is committed to Israel’s continued growth and expansion, by providing solutions to Israel’s academic, economic and social needs.