Professor Eliezer Zeiger Bio

Professor Eliezer Zeiger

   Professor Eliezer Zeiger Professor Eliezer (Eduardo) Zeiger is a professor emeritus of plant biology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is the author of more than one hundred scientific articles and the coauthor of three editions of the textbook Plant Physiology, published by Sinauer. His research studies the use of light by plant cells as an environmental signal, and the control of gas exchange in leaves. Brought up in an observant Jewish home in Argentina, he lived as a secular Jew in his youth and early adulthood, until he returned to Jewish observance after completing his professional education.

Professor Zeiger is a founder and the CEO of the Torah Science Foundation, an organization devoted to the unification of Divine and secular wisdom. He has written several articles on the relationship between Torah and science and has lectured on the subject throughout the world.


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