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Dr Tobol Yossi (Yossef),
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Curriculum Vitae
קורות חיים

1997-2000:   B.A.,  Department of Economics, COM Academic Studies, Israel

2000-2002:   M.A.,  Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, Hebrew University, Israel.

                Thesis: "Tax Reform with Taxpayers of  Different Family Size". Advisors: Prof. Shlomo Yitzhaki 

                 and Prof. Israel Finkelshtain.

2003-2006:   Ph.D., Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

                 Thesis: "Three Essays on the Economics of Compliance". Advisor: Prof. Gideon Yaniv.


Academic Positions

2012‐     :   Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Research Fellow.

2012‐     :   The Open University Research Institute for Policy, Political Economy and Society, Research Fellow.

2010-     :   Head of Research Unit in the Faculty of Management, Jerusalem College of  Technology (JCT).



Chapters in books
1. Political Culture and Market Structure, in Elgar’s Handbooks of Alternative Public Economics, by Francesco Forte, Ram Mudambi and Pietro Maria Navarra, 2014. London: Edward Elgar Publication, p. 472-484 (with Arkadi Koziashvili and Shmuel Nitzan).
Articles in refereed journals
2. Wage Discrimination as an Illegal Behavior. 2005. Economics Bulletin 10(4), 1- 10.
3. Tipping as a Strategic Investment in Service Quality: An Optimal-Control Analysis of Repeated Interactions in the Service Industry. 2008. Southern Economic Journal 75(1), 246-260 (with Ofer H. Azar).
4. Should Military Uniforms Carry the Union Label?, Defence and Peace Economics. 2009. 20(1), 11-19 (with Jonathan Lipow and Yosef Mealem).
5. Junk Food, Home Cooking, Physical Activity and Obesity: The Effect of the Fat Tax and the Thin Subsidy. Journal of Public Economics. 2009. 93(5-6), 823-830 (with Gideon Yaniv and Odelia Rosin).
6. Futile and Effective Ways to Combat Wage Discrimination. Research in Labor Economics. 2010. 30, 283-300 (with Yuval Shilony).
7. Whistleblowers as a Deterrent to Tax Evasion. Public Finance Review. 2010. 38(3), 306-320 (with Yosef Mealem and Gideon Yaniv).
8. The Local Cost of Terror: Effects of the Second Palestinian Intifada on Jerusalem House Prices. Regional Science and Urban Economics. 2010. (40), 415-426 (with Yuval Arbel, Danny Ben-Shahar and Stuart Gabriel).
9. Monopoly vs. Competition in Light of Extraction Norms. Public Choice. 2011. 148(3), 561-567 (with Arkadi Koziashvili and Shmuel Nitzan).
10. The Correlation among Immigrant Homeownership, Objective and Subjective Household Characteristics and Good Citizenship: New Evidence from the Israeli Experience. Urban Studies. 2012. 49(11), 2479-2499 (with Yuval Arbel and Danny Ben-Shahar).
11. The Evolution of Secularization: Cultural Transmission, Religion and Fertility Theory, Simulations and Evidence. Journal of Population Economics. 2013. 26(3), 1129-1174 (with Ronen Bar El, Teresa García-Muñoz and Shoshana Neuman).
12. Social Involvement Level of Income and Employment among Immigrants: The Israeli Experience. International Journal of Manpower. 2014. 35(6), 798-816 (with Yuval Arbel and Erez Siniver).
13. Honest on Mondays: Honesty and the temporal distance between decisions an Payoffs. European Economic Review. 2014. 65, 126-135 (with Bradley J. Ruffle).
14. Roll a Die and Tell a Lie – What Affects Honesty?. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 2014. 107, 153-172 (with Yuval Arbel, Ronen Bar-El and Erez Siniver).