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For our Academic Future



An endowment of an academic chair will ensure financial support for an outstanding faculty member, promote research and promote student development activities.
The following are Academic Studies Chairs that are available for endowment.

Chair for Alternate Energy Studies                                             

Chair in Jewish Business Ethics                                     

Chair in Managerial Accounting & Information Systems        

Chair in Entrepreneurship & Strategic Planning                      

Chair in Engineering & Technology Management                  

Chair in Applied Mathematics                                          

Chair in Electro-Optics                                                                   

Chair in Science Education                                                         

Chair in Academic Preparatory Studies                         


The following are Chairs in Jewish Studies that are available for endowment:

Rosh Hayeshiva’s Chair in Talmud                                            

Provides respectable remuneration and other support for our distinguished Roshei Yeshiva.


Chair in Rabbinics                                                                        

Provides a program leading up to Semicha (Rabbinical ordination)


Chair in Jewish Ethics                                                                 

Ensures academic scholarship in areas of Judaic study for our students who are to enter the world of business and techmology.


Chair in Sephardic Heritage       

Provides academic opportunity for our students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Talmudic sources of Sephardic learning and Halacha through the writings and teachings of this heritage.


Chair in Hassidut  

Focusing on the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov and his followers, students acquire a familiarity with a stream of Judaism that was almost destroyed by the Holocaust.


Chair in Jewish Thought 

A study in the history and development of Jewish thought from Biblical times, through Rabbinic and medieval periods and up to and including contemporary Jewish issues that Jews in Israel and the Diaspora face today.