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Registered Professional Nursing


School Director: Dr. Chaya Greenberger


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)

Degree offered at: Tal Campus & Lev Campus


Nursing in the third millennium is an exciting and challenging profession offering a wide variety of career options as well as multiple opportunities for caring acts of chesed (loving kindness).


Academically prepared nurses are empowered with the knowledge and proficiency necessary to facilitate optimal health and well-being and lead the way in health promotion and disease prevention. Nurses diagnose and treat health problems educate and support clients and manage even the most complex medical regimens. Their practice venues include hospital departments (such as intensive care, burn canters, paediatrics, emergency, oncology, and neonatology) mental health and rehabilitation facilities, community health clinics (including well-baby and care for the elderly) as well as corporate educational and home settings. Nurses proved healthcare throughout the life span – from the premature baby to the oldest of the elderly. They reach out to vulnerable populations such as new immigrants, to poverty stricken and those coping with serious handicaps and developmental disabilities, ministering specialized and individualized care.


The complexity of the nursing profession and the high level of decision-making necessary in the practice mandate the need to acquire sophisticated clinical, technological, inter-personal and management skills. With this in mind, and committed to excellence, The Jerusalem College of Technology has set seven major objectives in preparing academic nurses for practice:


  1. Inculcating clinical knowledge for diagnosing and treating problems on health-disease continuum.
  2. Providing the nursing skills necessary for intervention in critical and live tem illness and disability.
  3. Providing the nursing skills necessary for intervening in situations of long-term illness and disability.
  4. Inculcating knowledge from varied disciplines that are related to the provision of healthcare. These include management, economics, research as well as information and medical technology.
  5. Providing the tools necessary for designing and maintaining new technologies for health improvement.
  6. Inculcating knowledge of the law and professional nursing ethics.
  7. Inculcating in-depth understanding of Jewish halachah and ethics as they related to issues in health and illness.
The rich resources available the Jerusalem College of Technology, both in the domain of Jewish Studies and the technological sciences, enable a synthesis of "High-Tech – High Touch". Preparing empathetic supportive nurses with cutting edge technological know-how.
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