Words from our graduates

Adi Lasri, BA, Cum Laude, Industrial Engineering and Management, Class of 2012-13

Applications Team Member, Computing Department, Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon

​"During high-school, I enjoyed mathematics and science related fields, particularly engineering. I turned to hi-tech because it has more potential for self-fulfillment and because I felt that in doing so I could contribute more to others. That being said, I still felt that it was important to study in a religious institution, with separate campuses for men and women, and Tal Campus was one of the only institutions that offered such an environment. After arriving at the Open House at JCT, and meeting with the Department Heads, I felt that Industrial Engineering and Management was the right path for me. It seemed challenging and interesting and paved the way for countless future employment possibilities.

Those were the best years of my life. I enjoyed school, had a great social life and had the opportunity to meet important people, which helped me to succeed in the best and most enjoyable way possible. The lecturers were always available to answer any questions and were very invested in the success of their students.

I was also highly dependent on the support of my family, who believed in me, and that kept me going.

Despite the difficult material and curriculum, I managed to complete my studies, because I set a goal for myself and refused to relent until I achieved it. Even when I experienced very stressful days, or had particularly difficult homework, I didn't give up and did my best to complete all of my assignments.

In general, I believe that JCT played a large part in helping me cope with the work, particularly in my first year. JCT provided me with tutoring, reinforcement courses and support from outstanding students. When you're part of a group where everyone helps each other, it helps you to face the difficulties ahead.

At Tal Campus everyone helps each other, shares notes, offers advice, and you can even find students who stay after hours to help their peers with challenging materials. Everyone is very supportive when someone succeeds, because the success of one student, is a success for the entire group, and each student really wants the other to do well."



Ayelet De-Ross, BSc Summa Cum Laude, Computer Sciences, Class of 2012-2013

.Net Programmer, Israel Tax Authority 

​"The three years that I spent at Tal Campus provided me with an extraordinary experience that I will never forget. JCT doesn't simply concentrate on students earning a degree, but seeks to do much more than that. I came to JCT because I heard a lot of great things about the amazing atmosphere, the fulfilling and inspiring Limudi Kodesh and the unique bond between students.

It was only after I began studying at JCT that I realized exactly how true that all was, and how much more JCT had to offer. The friends I made helped me overcome the most stressful times and they are still a large part of my life.

JCT is always seeking to support its students in every field; there are even several programs for shiduchim. JCT doesn't compromise and ensures the highest level of professionalism, exposes its students to new ideas, challenges them and brings out the best in them.

A year after completing my degree, I began working as a .Net programmer for the Tax Authority. I take part in the development of a new system from its inception, both on the server end as well as at the customer's end. I enjoy my job very much, and the knowledge that I gained during my degree significantly aids me in my work. I am therefore very happy with my choice to study at JCT and am very grateful for the wonderful years that I spent there."



Yael Samet, BA, Cum Laude, Software Engineering, Class of 2012-13

Software Developer, Intel Jerusalem

"My name is Yael Samet, and I live in Beit El. I am happily married to Noam, a Yeshiva Avrech, and have an adorable son named Elkana.

I have loved math and physics since high-school and it was clear to me even then that I would study something in that field. Being more practical about it, I decided to seek a degree that would help me find employment later on and so, even though I had never studied computers, I decided to study Software Engineering. Since I wanted to study something in the field of science and technology, it was clear to me that I was going to go to JCT. The fact that men and women study separately, which creates an environment that forges strong friendships between classmates, greatly appealed to me as well as the Torah learning in the morning, which elevated the study of technology that followed.

I studied at JCT from 2010-2013, and over the years I met a number of lecturers. Naturally, we enjoyed some lectures more than others, but we definitely spent more time enjoying ourselves. I can count the lecturers I didn't like on one hand but to count those that I did, I need both my hands and my feet.   I also very much appreciated the Rabbeim for Limudi Kodesh, particularly because we had the chance to choose our Limudi Kodesh courses from a great number of courses (6 simultaneous courses are conducted during each hour of Kodesh on subjects such as: Tanach, Halacha and Hassidut). 

I don't for a moment regret my choice to study Software Engineering at Tal Campus. I greatly enjoyed the curriculum as well as the atmosphere and I graduated with great starting skills for entering the workplace, which contributed to my being where I am today – working as a software developer for Intel Jerusalem."

Shira Stern, BA Accounting and Information Systems, Class of 2012-2013

Employed by one of the largest CPA firms in Israel

 "I can definitely say that JCT was like a family to me throughout my degree. I would like to first point out the unique learning experience I had at Tal Campus, from quality classmates to a leading lecturing staff.

It felt that this wasn't just 'another' academic institution, but a place that first and foremost saw us as fellow human beings.  

Each and every one of the lecturers dedicated everything in their power in order to advance all their students, and they did this by opening a direct communications line including fast responses to any question in any area – via email or by phone.

Thank g-d, I managed to find a job and am currently employed by a leading CPA firm. In addition, I was very pleased to join the top-notch team at Tal Campus as a Teacher's Aide.

It is clear to me that without the support of JCT staff, I wouldn't have reached where I am today."

Adva Pachima, BSc, Cum Laude in Electro-Optic Engineering 2011-2012

Assistant Developer, Real Imaging.

Studying towards an MSc

"Studying at Tal Campus was a great experience, both in view of the knowledge I acquired, and the fact that I don’t have gaps in my knowledge of the field, which is not necessarily the case with students from other universities and colleges, as well as socially and religiously. There was a real sense of camaraderie among the students, with study groups and a special connection with the lecturers.

The atmosphere at JCT was very torah-centered and comfortable."


Adili Mashash, BSc, Cum Laude from the Department for Computational Chemistry – Computer Sciences (Bioinformatics) – class of 2011-2012

Teacher's Aide, Medical School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Studying towards a Master's Degree

"Upon completing my degree, I continued towards an MSc in Bioinformatics at Hebrew University, with Prof. Ora Forman-Shuler.

The research that I conduct is to strive to understand the interactions between proteins including prediction and characterization of specific interactions and their roles in a cell and organism.

We utilize important computational tools including various manipulations based on the structure and sequence of proteins.

In my thesis I explore the unique interaction between two regions in a specific protein involved in the immune system.

We expect that the conclusions from this study may contribute to improving the understanding of the role of this protein and other linked proteins, in the context of immune system operations.

While working on my Master's degree, I also work as a Teacher's Aide. This is my second year as a TA in an introductory course to MATLAB  as a research tool in the Medical School at Hebrew University. "