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MSc - Telecommunication Systems Engineering


Department Chair: Dr. Azriel Heuman
Department Vice-Chairman and Head of Steering Committee: Dr. Jacques Ben-Simon
Faculty Director: Dr. Ronit Nossenson


The MSc program in Telecommunication Systems Engineering is a two-year program open to graduates with a BSc and relevant experience in the field.

The program aims to help graduates find leading positions in hi-tech and industry by providing the students with high-level professional knowledge, as well as management skills that will enable them to become leaders in the communications industry in Israel and abroad.


The MSc program in Telecommunication Systems Engineering continues JCT’s Department of Computer Science’s BSc program in Communications Engineering, where students gain important knowledge in computer communications, networking and applications.


Today telecommunication systems engineering is at the heart of a new wave in hi-tech, as both consumer and professional devices are being developed and manufactured that generally include a communications component. Communications mobility and the ever-growing demand to be “always plugged-in”, not only affects the equipment vendors, but also puts tremendous pressure on the network operators to provide broadband service both wired and wireless, anywhere and anytime, globally. The demands for creative and economic solutions continue to grow and the engineering community is hard-pressed to keep up.


The JCT Communications Systems Engineering programs place the emphasis on software, which plays a vital role in the communications market today more than ever before. Hardware improvements have and continue to increase the speed of the individual communications lines from Gigabit links to Terabit links and beyond. However, what needs to be addressed today is the throughput and the security of communication in today’s network of switches and routers, and this is where software makes the difference.


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