Matest Agrest, Dr. Sci., and Mikhail M. Agrest Bios

Matest Agrest, Dr. Sci., and Mikhail M. Agrest

   Matest Agrest After studying at the Lubavitch Yeshiva Tomkhey Tmimim before it was outlawed, Matest Agrest completed an MS in mathematics and astronomy from the Leningrad State University in Leningrad in 1929 and then a PhD in astronomy and mathematics from Moscow State University and a doctor of sciences from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He fought in the Red Army during the Second World War and was awarded the Order of the Red Star and nine medals, including the Medal for Defense of Moscow.

   From 1945 to 1992, Agrest worked on the most prestigious, highly classified science projects in Russia, while not compromising his Torah observance or faith. He is the author of the Theory of Incomplete Cylindrical Functions, 120 scientific papers and six books, including Band 160 of the series Die Gruhitlehren der Mathematischien Wisenshaften. The author of the Paleocontact Hypothesis, he is a member of the Planetary Society and an honorary member of the Ancient Astronaut Society. In 1992 he immigrated to the USA with his family.



Matest Agrest

Mikhail M. Agrest received an MS in mathematics and mechanics from the Leningrad State University and a PhD in physics and mathematics from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He conducted research at the Institute for Analytical Instrumentation of the Academy of Sciences for almost twenty years. In 1992, he joined the physics and astronomy department of the College of Charleston in South Carolina. A member of the South Carolina Science Council, South Carolina Academy of Science, the North American Membrane Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), President of the Southern Atlantic Coast Section of AAPT, he is writing a biography of his father, Matest Agrest. Mikhail absorbed love of physics and mathematics, philosophy and religion, as well as humanism in its positive sense from age two, when he would bounce on the knees of Andrei Sakharov, deep in discussion on these issues with Matest Agrest.



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