Campus Lustig

Campus Lustig, JCT's campus for Haredi women located in Ramat Gan, was established in 1998. This campus enables Haredi women, who are seeking to improve the economic conditions of their families, to earn an academic degree. Campus Lustig provides these women with an environment that allows them to maintain the principles of their ultra-Orthodox upbringing. By combining Torah with secular studies, Campus Lustig enables Haredi women to acquire the educational tools necessary for employment while continuing to acquire the Torah knowledge necessary for building their Jewish homes. Campus Lustig offers programs in the fields of computer engineering, computer science, managerial accounting and information systems, as well as education.
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Religious Studies

Lustig Campus offers the traditional Bais Yaakov graduates the opportunity to continue their seminary studies, while also obtaining a degree to help them find suitable employment within an appropriate work environment.
Academic Education for Haredim – assisting Haredim to earn academic degrees and enter Israel’s workforce

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