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Initiatives and collaborations


Entrepreneurship initiatives at JCT provide participants with the necessary opportunities and resources to develop skills and abilities in order to evaluate, apply, develop and market, commercially viable scientific, engineering, and technological ideas.  


Current activities for entrepreneurship include Hackathon prep and participation as part of which, students receive specialized preparation for Hackathons and are encouraged to participate in internal and external Hackathons. Hackathons teach and encourage creative thinking as well as provides an introduction for these students to multi-national companies, start-ups and VCs to whom they would not otherwise have exposure.


A new Entrepreneurship program is set to open on Lev Campus and Tal Campus in November 2017.


Past and ongoing initiatives


During Chanukah, JCT’s student union held its first Hackathon, in which dozens of students competed for 48 hours straight, creating technological solutions for challenges facing companies and organizations. Students were presented with several ‘problems’ for which they were to provide solutions. These included developing a system to help children in electric wheelchairs avoid crashing into objects or walls; preventing injuries on construction sites; and providing a solution for language barriers in emergency services.


The Yazam BaLev accelerator provides Haredi entrepreneurs, even those in very early stages of their venture, with the tools they need to develop their ideas and transform them into viable products and startup companies. The program was developed with an understanding of the special needs of the Haredi community, helps them with any lack of background in technology and education, as well as any marketing difficulties. The accelerator was open to the public and ran two cycles with a total of thirty projects. The program offered one-on-one guidance and mentoring from top executives and investors from the hi-tech community to help them launch, fund and expand their startups. 


The Schuman Center for Entrepreneurship made possible by the generous funding of Dr. Dov Friedberg and the Canadian Friends of JCT including the The Friedberg Program for Entrepreneurial Excellence. The program enabled students to advance entrepreneurial ideas from the early, “exploratory” stages to later, “concrete” stages of the entrepreneurship process. Student projects selected to participate in the program benefitted from financial assistance for the projects, as well as lectures and workshops designed to provide the students with the know-how and tools needed to develop their ideas. Graduates of the program include ZUtalabs, a portable pocket printer featured on Wired, Forbes and other leading tech websites.