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Industrial Engineering and Management



Department Chair: Dr. Irit Nowik.


Degree: Bachelor of Science

Graduates are Eligible for registration in the Architect's and Engineer's Registry


Industrial Engineering is a profession that deals with optimal implementation of resources. Industrial Engineers work as analysts and planners who efficiently operate systems involving humans, materials and equipment. Preparation for this task requires knowledge in the exact science fields, in the fields of behavioral sciences and in computer science.


An industrial engineer is often called a systems analyst. He must review the overall status of a company, the individual components of the company and the relationship between the two in order to create models that will give optimum solutions and decisions for managing the company. Industrial engineers are generally interested in output, quality, cost and management and their effect on the decisions of the systems users.


In affluent times industrial engineers are in demand because they can suggest models for optimum profit production; and in difficult financial periods industrial engineers can use other models for saving and minimizing expenditure levels.


Every organization, of medium or large size, needs industrial and management engineers. Many of the senior directors of companies today have started their career as industrial and management engineers. The graduates of our department continue into leading high-tech companies such as Intel, Motorola, Amdocs, Teva, and Cisco. As well as service in the public and private sectors such as the police, intelligence agencies, banks, insurance companies, government offices etc., in a wide range of positions such as project managers, production managers, purchasing & supply management, system analysts, human resource managers, organization and methods engineers, cost accountants, Industrial Economists, etc.

The Industrial Engineering and Management department offers a 4-year learning program. Towards the third year each student is assigned to one of two specialization programs; Project Management & Operations Research, or Information Systems. The assignment depends on the student's academic achievements in the first two years, and a final decision is made by the department faculty. 



Graduates of this major acquire tools for overall understanding of operating systems and, therefore, can also serve as managers. In the medical field they can be employed in hospitals and health services. They can also be employed in government offices, all branches of the military, financial institutions and hi-tech.


The Curriculum of Industrial Engineering and Management has three phases:

  • Acquiring the necessary tools in mathematics, probability and statistics, computational methods, data systems analysis, introduction to ergonomics, operations research, economics, simulation and quality.
  • Utilizing these tools to observe a company, including management and organization, production, quality, information, accounting, finance, human factors and ergonomics;
  • Combining all the above to obtain a systematic approach for analyzing a factory, company or organization.


Final projects generally include a wide variety of approaches and methods learned during the first three year of the program in order to conduct an actual research project outside the college.


A variety of labs are made available to students, such as computer labs, technological labs including Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP), ergonomic planning etc.




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