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 Friends of JCT

The Office of Development and External Affairs is supported in its efforts by “Friends” organizations in the following countries:



Israel Friends of the Jerusalem College of Technology

21 Havaad Haleumi, P.O.B. 16031

Jerusalem 91160, Israel

Tel: 972-2-6751269 Fax: 972-2-6751269



USA :  

Friends of JCT (US),

PO Box 1703,

New York, NY 10150, USA

Tel: (212) 563-5620 Fax: (212) 563-5623




Canadian Friends of JCT

4600 Bathurst Street, 4th floor Library

Toronto, On M2R 3V2, Canada

 Tel: (416) 787-7565   Fax: (416) 787-8457



United Kingdom:   

Jerusalem College of Technology UK

Gallery House

28 Arcadia Avenue

London N3 2TN, UK

Tel: (208) 349 5129  Fax: (208) 349 5110


Charity number 263003



A Nice  

les Amis du Machon Lev: Pr. Henri Koen

21b rue Henri Barbusse

 06100 Nice

Tel: 0493981545


A Paris  

les Amis du Machon Lev: Michel Nakache

16, rue Lalo

75116 Paris

Tel: 0140506177