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Electronic Engineering


Department Chair: Dr. Yevgeni Frishman


Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

Graduates are eligible for registration in the Architects' and Engineers' Registry


In modern countries electronics is integral to every aspect of daily life – in industry, commerce, the military, research institutions, medicine, transportation and more. The tremendous range of practical uses of electronics, including computers, television, radio, internet, telephonics, military equipment, medical equipment, remote control etc., illustrates the great importance of this profession to the developing needs of Israel.


The goal of the electronics engineering program at the Jerusalem College of Technology is to educate its graduates so that they will be able to be active participants in the development of industry in Israel.


Students of electronics engineering obtain theoretical and practical training over four years. This training provides them with advanced knowledge of electronics engineering in general, and specialized theoretical and practical knowledge of analog electronics, communications, computer science, and digital technology in particular.


The curriculum includes te implementation of an engineering project that encompasses all aspects of research and development. The project is carried out together with a faculty member or in partnership with an industrial company.


The academic staff teaching courses in this department also work in research and development in the fields of biological signal processing, image analysis, criminology research, micro-electronics, DSP applications, control theory, spectroscopy, and more.
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