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Electro-Optics Engineering


Head of the Physics/Electro-Optics Engineering Department: 
Dr. Avi Karsenty

E-mail: karsenty@jct.ac.il


Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Graduates are eligible for registration in the Architects' and Engineers' Registry.


The importance of applied physics in general, and electro-optics in particular, is increasing in all aspects of modern life. Modern electro-optics applications are being implemented in electronics, modern communications, medicine, data processing and energy. Electro-optics is especially important in the security field.


A graduate of the electro-optics faculty will have mastered planning optical systems and instruments, lasers and other light sources, photoelectric light detectors, electro-optic light modulation, holography, devices for television photography as well as night vision devices, and computer assisted lens design.


The faculty prepares electro-optics professionals for R&D work in the industry by providing them, in addition to their electro-optics studies, with a strong foundation in applied physics, electronics and computers. The program also prepares students for the pursuit of higher academic degrees in various fields of physics at other universities.


Contact Information:

Tel: 972-2-6751131

Fax: 972-2-6751045

E-Mail: physics@jct.ac.il


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