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Lev Bakehila (Lev in the Community): The promotion of human rights of persons with disabilities in the Haredi community in Jerusalem

The flagship community engagement project of the Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center


With the support of the Council for Higher Education, "Lev Bakehila" (Lev in the Community) is JCT's flagship civic engagement program focusing on the promotion of human rights of people with disabilities, such as housing rights, education, employment, accessibility, due process, equality, etc. Particularly, the students and staff will assist and empower people with disabilities in the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) and religious communities in Jerusalem, addressing their problems and needs. The project was established and is headed by Dr. Adi Finkelstein and Zvika Orr from the Nursing Department. 


Partner Organizations

Partner organizations

The project has partners from social organizations specializing in human rights of persons with disabilities and assisting their integration into community life, as well as ultra-Orthodox organizations that support people with disabilities in Haredi society. Partner organizations take an active part in the process of professional-practical training of students, designing and building activities, absorbing volunteering students and execution of the project based on actual needs.

List of partners (tentative list):


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