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1. JCT’s bylaws paragraph 5a (12) states:


“The Board of Trustees (BoT) is authorized under these bylaws, and at the request of the President of JCT, to approve a body which will be called “The International Board of Governors” (IBG) whose members are not necessarily members of the Board of Trustees. The role of this body will be outlined in a separate document which will be submitted for approval of the BoT.

Members of the International Board of Governors may attend meetings of the Board of Trustees without the right to vote.”


2. Objectives of establishing the IBG


a. Formation of a prestigious board that will strengthen the involvement and partnership of its members and thus increase their activities on behalf of JCT.

b. Development of JCT’s infrastructure.

c. Strengthen the relationship with supporters and donors.


3. Membership


a. The initial members of the IBG will be selected by a committee headed by the President of JCT.

b. Appointment to the IBG is for a period of five years and can be renewed for additional terms.

c. The IBG will elect from its members a Chairperson on the recommendation of the President of JCT.

d. The Chairperson of the BoT, President, Vice President for Development, Rector and Chair of JCT’s Senate are ex-officio members of the IBG.

e. The IBG will convene at least once a year. The agenda for the meetings will be prepared jointly by the Chairperson of the IBG and the President of JCT.

f. Appointment of new members of the IBG and renewal of membership for additional terms will be on the recommendation of the President of JCT, by the IBG at its annual meeting.


4. Role of the IBG


a. To discuss the multi-year development plans of JCT for building and equipment, as presented to the IBG by JCT management.

b. To follow up implementation of the multi-year development plans.

c. To receive annual reports from the President, the Rector, the Director General and the Vice President for Development and to suggest additional activities.

d. To participate in developing public support and funding for JCT’s programs.