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Bio – Informatics

The Department of Bio – Informatics at Machon Tal is to open in October 2013 and will be headed by Prof. Uziel Sandler and coordinated by Dr. Sarah Ganot. Graduates of the program will receive a BSc (Bachelor of Science) degree.

Bio - informatics is a fairly new field which was initiated when biological data was first entered into a computer. Personnel working in the field of biology incorporated computers and mathematic and personnel working in the field of computer science incorporated biology.


Today there are more algorithms which allow significant information from accumulated data to be generated. For example, scanner software was written for scanning giant databases and produces new information, which is the basis for further research and development. Bio - informatics is a field of biology that uses computational tools to solve problems. Bio - Informatics is multi-disciplinary and is the interface between mathematics, computer science and biology, especially in the field of molecular biology.


Molecular biology is theoretical and experimental science. Mathematics and computer science are analytical sciences and theoretical in nature. The trick is to combine the fields.

Computational biology plays an important role in the process of drug development and in research and development. The pharmaceutical industry worldwide is growing and becoming one of the largest and most important industries. This industry makes extensive use of Bio-Informatical techniques. In addition there are many other areas related to the research and development of computational approaches.

A research group at the Jerusalem College of Technology has attained impressive achievements in developing bio-informatical methods and they will be responsible for carrying out the bio – informatics curriculum. The curriculum focuses on the logical design of drugs. The program is diverse and will allow students to specialize in cutting-edge science in their undergraduate degrees and continue their research in more advanced degrees in other scientific fields. In addition, the program is suitable for those who find the field of the logical design of drugs interesting and challenging as well as for those looking to combine Computer Science and Life Sciences. The program is also for those who wish to study biology, but wish to finish their schooling with a profession (high-tech) as well as for those who want to learn computers, and simultaneously gain knowledge in biology.

Students can also follow this bio-informatics curriculum as part of Pre-Medicine course requirements before going on to four year medical school programs for those holding graduate degrees.