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Congratulation on your decision to enroll at the Jerusalem College of Technology-Lev Academic Center, an institution that integrates Torah education with higher academic learning.

The goal of the Jerusalem College of Technology is to train and equip engineers to participate in the development, establishment, and expansion of high-tech industry in Israel. Furthermore, the institution will prepare and educate managers who will play a role in improving the status and efficiency of factories, banks and corporations, JCT training encourages the high ethical standards characterized by Torah Jews.

Here you will find the study options at the Jerusalem College of Technology as well as the admission requirements and procedures.
We are happy to assist you during the admission process and beyond, and will try to respond to any question or concerns you have in a timely manner.
Office of Admissions contact information:
Machon Lev- Machon Naveh:
Hava'ad Haleumi street. P.O. Box 16031 Giv'at Mordechai, Jerusalem 91160
Tel: 972-2-6751203/ 1-700-50-32-32
Fax: 972-2-675-1068
Machon Tal:
Beit Hadefus Street, Giv'at Shaul, Jerusalem 95483
Tel: 972-2-654-7208 / 1-700-50-32-32
Fax: 972-2-654-7225
Machon Lustig:
Aluf David Street. P.O.Box 953, Ramat Gan 52109
Tel: 972-3-630-7111
Fax: 972-3-739-4019
Da'at - Center for Technological Studies for Charedi Women
c/o Machon Tal
9 Beit Hadefus Street, Giv'at Shaul, Jerusalem 95483
Tel: 972-2-654-7219 / 1-700-50-32-32
Fax: 972-2-654-7225