Accounting and Information Systems

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Accounting & Information Systems

Department chair: Prof. Herzl Patal, CPA

Faculty Director at Machon Lev/Naveh: Efraim Sinai, CPA
Faculty Director at Machon Tal and Da'at: Sharon Nitzan, CPA
Faculty Director at Machon Lustig: Esther Mateles, CPA


Degree: Bachelor of Accounting & Information Systems


The goal of the accounting profession is to provide information, primarily financial, to those who make decisions (i.e. managers), in order to assist them in making better decisions. In today's fast-changing world and shrinking global market, rational decisions, scientific technology and information have become increasingly valuable and vital. Therefore, there is greater need for qualified accountants who can also use advanced theology to ensure proper auditing and support for businesses. Furthermore, accountants can provide specialized professional services including tax consultation, information management, pricing, budgets, etc.


The goal of the Department of accounting and Information Systems is to train students to become professionals in this arena. This training will provide a thorough background including theoretical and practical foundation, as well as additional professional tools. The studies in this department, as well as being comparable in content to topics required by the Council of Accountants, will give students an understanding of general management and informational technology that will help them to fulfill their responsibilities in a wide spectrum of business fields.


As at the leading Israeli universities, a graduate of this major is exempt from most exams of the Council of Accountant. A student who continues in the supplementary year will receive an exemption from two additional exams and will prepare for the two remaining exams – Advanced Financial Accounting, and Auditing of the Council of Accountants in Israel.
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