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B’Or Ha’Torah was founded in 1981 by Professor Herman Branover, who was then the chairman of the SHAMIR Association and Publishing House. Most of the papers for the first two volumes were written by distinguished scientists close to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who would discuss apparent contradictions between Torah and science with them both privately and in a group forum.


The majorityof authors and peer-reviewers of B’Or Ha’Torah, though, are not Lubavitchers. Out of 251 articles, 89 were written by Habad Hasidim. The pages of BHT are open to any writer who respects the Torah and whose manuscript passes peer-review.

The journal has been acclaimed throughout the world by leading rabbis and professors, as well as students and lay people. For feedback, see below. 
B’Or Ha’Torah has organized nine successful international conferences on Torah and science in conjunction with Rabbi Sholom Dovber Lipskar of The Shul of Bal Harbour in Miami and Professor Nathan Katz of Florida International University. Most of the articles in BHT since 2001 have been the written papers from the Miami conferences.
Two B’Or Ha’Torah anthologies have been published: H. Branover, A. Gotfryd, and S. Lipskar, eds., Fusion (Jerusalem/NY: Feldheim, 1990) and H. Branover and I. Attia, eds., Science in the Light of the Torah (Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson Publishers, 1996).
In May 2010, with the approval of Professor Branover, whose health unfortunately forced him to retire, B’Or Ha’Torah moved to the Department of Development at the Jerusalem College of Technology (Machon Lev). The new editor-in-chief is Professor Joseph S. Bodenheimer, president emeritus of JCT. Ilana Attia continues serving as the managing editor. This move should enable B’Or Ha’Torah to grow and reach a much wider circle of readers—thereby strengthening our insight into how Torah and science interact in harmony.

"The B'OR HA'TORAH journal makes a valuable contribution by publishing a variety of articles on the relationship between Torah and science. The special quality of these articles is their significant attempt to discuss scientific subjects from the Torah point of view. The importance of B'Or Ha'Torah is its departure from apologetics. Instead, it delves into the sparsely investigated field of how to add the spiritual dimension of the Torah to the dimensions of time and space of scientific research. In doing this, a double illumination is created: not only does science receive the brilliance of the Torah, but the light that reflects back from the illuminated scientific knowledge reveals an additional facet and more complete understanding of the Torah text."

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz


"Congratulations on such a high quality publication" 

Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi, United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth


"I enjoyed reading B’OR HA’TORAH ... it will have a strong impact"

Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, Former President of Yeshiva University


"B’OR HA’TORAH is beautifully executed… on a high intellectual level."

Prof. Alvin Radkowsky, Former Chief Scientist, US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Project


"I recommend B’OR HA’TORAH for students and academics … Useful and interesting, it is formulated in a clear and attractive manner."

Rabbi Baruch Horowitz, Rosh Yeshiva Dvar Yerushalayim


"… we are all coming from diverse professional, business, and rabbinic backgrounds interspersed with observant, nonaffiliated, hedonistic, cultist, and missionary experiences — your magazine’s style relates eminently well to all of us. Amazing, but true!"

Rabbi Casriel Brusowankin, Miami


"A Roman Catholic interested in the relation between science and the Bible, I have been enjoying my copies of B’OR HA’TORAH."

Michael R. Hoyt, 
Silver Spring, Maryland


"Your articles are not merely enlightening but inspiring. They go a long way towards satisfying both an intellectual and a spiritual hunger."

Dr. Ben Ostrov, 
Chinese University of Hong Kong


"I often study B’OR HA’TORAH with my father Erev Shabbos. We enjoy this book a lot and have spent many hours on one question, and still have not reached a conclusion. ‘If no one is looking at the moon, does it exist?‘"

From Joshua Elberg’s bar mitsva speech in Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec


"I write regularly for Mishpacha Magazine, and one of my regular features is the FYI (For Your Information) series in the children's magazine, Mishpacha Junior. FYI's aim is to present information to children about a wide variety of topics in an exciting yet educational way, and most of all, in keeping with Torah hashkafah. Often the article deals with topics in science and nature, and finding kosher sources which present the material in an acceptable manner for frum Jews is extremely difficult. One source on which I rely implicitly and which has proved invaluable to me, is B'OR HA'TORAH, which gives me the Torah viewpoint on scientifc matters, clearly and unequivocally, so that I can feel safe knowing that I am imparting only kosher information into the minds of our precious Jewish children."

Shira Yehudit Djlilmand, Mishpacha Magazine