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The Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center is the world’s leading institute of higher education dedicated to Torah and Technology, and a major center of academic research with an emphasis on  computer sciences, electro-optics, and business. The Lev campus for men is located in Jerusalem’s Givat Mordechai neighborhood and comprises approximately 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students, who divide their time between advanced Beis Midrash learning and the pursuit of undergraduate and graduate academic degrees.


The International program in English is proud to present a novel opportunity, which allows students to continue learning with their Rebbeim in Yeshivot, in Israel, while also providing them with the opportunity to obtain a prestigious academic degree and strong professional training in the area of business.


The academic curriculum is modeled on programs developed in leading universities around the world, and combines studies in management and marketing with a background in technology. The curriculum incorporates both lectures and practical research projects which challenge the students to apply their knowledge to real life situations. Over 700 students have already graduated from this program and have acquired leading positions in the business and high-tech sectors, both in Israel and abroad. In addition, many graduates have continued their studies towards advanced academic degrees.


We are now offering this program in a “concentrated” format - just a day and a half of studies per week (Tuesday afternoons and Fridays). This framework allows students to spend the majority of their time in Yeshiva, while pursuing their B.A in business management at JCT’s International Program in English.



$3,600 per year*


*At exchange rate of 3.55 NIS per dollar and current public tuition rates set by the council of higher education                                                    


Courses offered include:

Principles of Management

Marketing Management

Introduction to Micro-Economics

Introduction to Macro-Economics

Principles of Finance

Financial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

Business Ethics

Mathematics for Business


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